Ion Fury - level editing

Welcome to the wonderous world of Build mapping! For mapping, you will be using a program called 'mapster32', this is very similar to the old BUILD.EXE but has had quite a bit of development since and been injected with some of the scripts that we used during the making of this game to speed up editing.

This guide uses information from Duke Nukem 3D Infosuite by Ryan Lennox, please check out his awesome documentation at:

Getting the tools

First of course install the game and locate the directory. i.e. for Steam, the game defaults to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ion Fury

In this directory you will find these following main files:

There are some other files but those aren't important for this.

Ok, let's get the editor from either:



Extract this to the same directory where you have fury.exe. You can optionally unzip fury.grp to the same directory as well to explore any other assets included with the game (scripts / sounds / etc..)

This guide will be expanded, but for now please check Duke Nukem 3D Infosuite for more information: You will find that almost all of the basic mapping tips will apply for Ion Fury.

Sample maps

Bunch of sample maps for effects and prefabs!

Get them at:

Some videos to get you started